Oyala Government Center

International Medical Services
New Government Campus
Oyala, Equatorial Guinea

The Government Campus is a grand component of the new capital city of Oyala. Created in a circular format, it is meant to be a comprehensive entity as well as an integral part of the urban fabric. Twelve government buildings of varied sizes are situated in clusters around a central park-like plaza, bordered by a canals, roadway and sidewalks, with a monumental fountain at its core. The plaza is connected by a system of waterways – canals, pools and waterfalls – to a recreational area on the river. The entire campus is landscaped with lush vegetation. A circular access road leads to each of the clusters and connects the entire campus to the main boulevard, which is submerged below the central plaza. A system of sidewalks and crosswalks provide pedestrian access to the buildings and the plaza.

The buildings have been designed as stacked geometric shapes, whose angles have been slanted to create a sleek, futuristic look. The eye-catching buildings are meant to showcase confidence in the future of Equatorial Guinea and the importance of the government in this achievement.